Voodoo Fest in New Orleans

When one thinks about music and New Orleans, Jazz is the first thing that comes into most people’s mind. Indeed, The ‘Big Easy’ is famous for its Jazz Music and Festivals; however, this is only one genre of an extensive variety of music availVoodoo_Experience_2009_(36_of_37)able for music lovers. Let us use for example the Voodoo Fest, held each year right around Halloween in October in City Park, New Orleans that draws over 100,000 fans during the three-day event.

This festival hosts an incredible variety of artists from Pop, Rock, Punk, Alternative and the indescribable, since its debut in 1999 well over 2000 different artists have performed here and the list just keeps on growing. Many of the bands who perform are currently on the top of the charts and have a huge following of fans, this helps to draw people from all around the country for this Festival.

The remarkable growth of Voodoo Fest is due to in a large part to its founder Stephen Rehage and his organizer’s refusal to cancel the event following Hurricane Katrina, instead, headlining the event with some of the biggest artists of the day and helping with recovery from this natural disaster.

Top Bands of the day like, Green Day, Eminem, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, R.E.M., Kiss, Neil Young and Nine Inch Nails have all made appearances at Voodoo Fest.

This is just a small sample of the artist who seem to find this venue is one they want to be associated with and so the crowds grow larger, as does the popularity of the festival. To commemorate the 15th year anniversary of the festival many of the original 15 Bands made an appearance here at Voodoo Fest where over 100,000 fans attended the three-day event and who knows how large it will be this upcoming year.