The Popular Student-Budget-Friendly Music Festivals in Asia

Music festivals are popular because they allow fans of various instrumentalists and talented performers to have a firsthand experience of enjoying their work. The Asian society has always been at the forefront when it comes to cultural festivals that bring people together in celebration of cultural diversity and peace. In fact, many tourists travel from many miles away to countries like China and Japan to relish the Asian culture through sampling its definitive art forms, music being one of them. For decades, international students within the region have consistently expressed their love for the culture by attending music festivals. Here some of the most popular student-budget-friendly music festivals in Asia.

shutterstock_77093164Key events to attend

Good Vibes Malaysia, which happens every August features many local performers in the region. In Hong Kong, the Clockenflap festival never disappoints as it has intriguing lineups with acts such as The Libertinesgracing the stage. Baybeats Singapore is another festival that students of universities listed at schoolapply can afford to check out because it is free! All one needs is a train ticket to the venue. For students in Japan, festivalLabyrinth is a good plan for September. The venue is Naeba, Niigata. Summer Sonic is a perfect alternative for those in Osaka, Chiba Japan. It runs from August 20th to 21st. The QuesFestival has been a success in Vietnam.

Important points to ponder

It is important to note that before heading out to the venue of a festival, proper due diligence about the region and its demographics is highly recommended. Here, some research about the rules and regulations of the venue location will help you and your friends to not only stay out of trouble but also enjoy an uninterrupted experience once you set out. Similarly, it is a good idea to interact with fellow revelers and learn about their background as you attend the student-budget-friendly music festivals in Asia. Mark your calendar and be sure not to miss these must-see music festivals while studying in Asia or just touring the region.