Lollapalooza Music Festival

Perhaps one of the world’s most recognizable names in music festivals since the 1960s is Lollapalooza. In a way, it rekindled the festive and cultural atmosphere associated with the Hippie generation and music festivals like Woodstock or the Monterey pop festivals in the late 1960s. Lollapalooza, like the Festivals of those times, includes not just the greatest musicians and bands of the day but, a political form, Comedy, skits and a variety of entertainment. Arts and Crafts exhibits, food vendors, and booths are set up with all kinds of different products and services to offer._84634023_reuters_lollapalooza

It originated as a touring Festival in 1991 by Perry Farrell the lead singer of “Jane’s Addiction” as a farewell tour where they invited other popular bands of the day to participate. The promoters would book outdoor venues around the country such as amphitheaters rather than colosseums or stadiums where there would be ample space for all the other activities.

It became very successful until it’s end in 1997 but, was revived in 2003 and 200; however, poor ticket sales caused the cancellation of the tours. Then in 2005, Farrell along with the William Morris agency and other investors, retooled the format of the Festival and brought it to Grant Park Chicago, Illinois for its permanent location for an annual Weekend Music Festival. Lollapalooza Festivals are also currently held in Santiago, Chile, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Berlin, Germany.

Over the years, this festival has been the catalyst for many up and coming bands to gain the exposure necessary to becoming nationally recognized and popular. Just a few examples are The Smashing Pumpkins, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, Lady Gaga, The Foo Fighters and many others. Even today, it attracts well over 150,000 thousand fans over the two-day period.