Glastonbury Music Festival

Inspired by the Hippie counterculture and free outdoor concerts of late 1960s, Michael Eavis founded the festival in 1970, inspired after having attended an outdoor Led Zeppelin Concert. Located in the beautiful countryside near Pilton, Lovesignglasto2003Somerset, England, the first of these “Greenfield” Festivals was in September of 1970. In the past, 45 years it has grown to be the largest of this type of Festival in the world attracting over 175,000 people for the 5-day event. This, of course, requires an extensive infrastructure in terms of providing Electricity, Water, Food, Transportation, security and medical Services for this many people out in the middle of a big green field. Most all of the people who work so hard at providing these necessities are volunteers and the Festival helps raise Millions of Pounds in revenue for various good causes.

Since 1981 the Festival has been canceled every 4th year to give the land a chance to recover and a break for the local population and the organizers. They come in caravans and buses and motorhomes and set up their Tent Villages all around the grounds, soon it is the size of a small City.

The organizers and the fans who attend; however, have always been very careful with the impact they have on the surrounding environment. The Festival also has a tradition of addressing the social and political issues of the day and raising money to help causes where it is needed the most. Vendors of all sorts, Food trucks, Arts and Crafts of every description, street performers and much more add to the festive atmosphere.

Every genre of music can be found on one of the other multiple stages built all around the grounds but it’s the Main pyramid stage where you will find the Headliners. Over the past 45 years of the greatest Musical Artists of all time, it would just be wrong to try and list just a few.