England’s Isle of Wight Festival

One of the greatest music festivals is located in England called (Isle of Wight Festival) The first one was in 1968 and is more popular than ever before. The event is spectacular for people who like to camp out and have a great time jamming with super rock stars that show up for the event every year which runs through June 9th to the 12th. It’s no wonder that people flock in every year as they have superstars perform like Bob Dylan, the Doors, the Who, Jimmy Hendrix, Jethro Tull, and even Tiny Tim have performed at this Music Festival.Isle+of+Wight+Festival+Day+3+3qUrB5kHoqwl

The England’s Isle of Wight Festival is second to none and people all agree that it’s like the Famous Wood Stock. It’s no wonder tickets sell out fast and the Isle of Wight Music Festival is top notch offering visitors with great camping sites and local security to ensure your safety. Additional accommodations include pre-pitched sleeping structures such as PodPads, Bell Tents, Standard tents ready to go. The England’s Isle of Wight Festival sits on a Hugh 180 acres along a beautiful river called the Medina. Luxurious apartments are also available if you don’t care to camp out.

There is also a nice restaurant and bar overlooking the harbor for your night time delight. Your sleeping choices are vast for the event and there are several upscale Bed & Breakfast around the countryside and the Sea. The England’s Isle of Wight Festival won’t leave you lacking as they have a great Food market for anything you might like to eat and they don’t stop there. There are Private Hot tubs for rent when you want to relax and party with friends, cell phone charger stations, Luxury Toilets equipped with anything you need to pamper yourself. So if you want to see some of the greatest musicians in the world perform don’t miss this event.